Courses: Python/OpenCV/C++


Courses by Murtaza’s Workshop – Robotics and AI


Camera used: Logitech C310




Robot Car

In Progress

  • Blah

To Do





Not particularly interesting, I got to 5:20… meh…

Torrent/magnet Link does not work:



Whilst the courses are very good, there are some serious issues with them:

  • So painful to watch and follow,  especially the most boring VirtualPaint project – I started to feel that I would rather be dead than finish it, especially the last 20 minutes.
  • myPoint, myRect, newPoint – not descriptive variable names at all – constant renaming required for clarity. He wouldn’t be so confused if: (a) more descriptive names are used, (b) the names weren’t the same for globals and local parameters (function arguments). This is the same in the Python videos, the same name is used locally and globally.  Why is this done? Is it laziness, a lack of imagination, or a lack of vocabulary?
  • biggest => cornersOfBiggestContour – better naming
  • Terrible spelling and dyslexia
  • code errors constantly – lines in the wrong places
  • globals used, needlessly.
  • globals are passed as arguments to functions – utterly pointless and defeats the point of globals, or the point of function arguments – depending how you look at it.
  • “What do you call it”… constantly. so irritating. The video length could be reduced by 10% if these were removed.
  • In Python, the naming conventions are not adhered to: Class names should be ClassName and not className; and there are many other instances (variable and function names should be lower case (apparently, according to PyCharm rules)). However, this is just a convention.
  • Code is not optimised: often function calls are placed inside a loop, when the function will not change its return value and could have been removed from, and placed before, the loop in order to make it more efficient.
  • Using built in variable names, i.e. shadow variable names.

To do

  • Finish off C++ stackImages
  • Suduko finish code?
  • Finish other tensorflow code.





Notes: Paul McWhorter

AI for Everyone LESSON 4 SUPPLEMENTAL: Visual Studio Code Not Finding Python or Virtual Environments

Python 3D Graphics Tutorial 3: Designing 3D Models with Parameters


Other random Videos

How to Fix Grub Error: No Such Partition. Entering Rescue Mode. Grub Rescue

How apple-1 works:

Paralelle worlds


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