Marathon – Blaspheme Quarantine


I have played the Blaspheme Quarantine level of Marathon an unhealthy amount of times. This is a list of notes and observations of what I have gleaned.

This was originally in Infravision cheat – Marathon

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Blaspheme Quarantine

The plan


The single round rotary switch, just turns on the light in the alcove above the switch

The round rotary switch opposite the sliding lift switch in the dual switch alcove, turns on the lights in the square hallway

Blaspheme Quarantine - Hall light switch
Blaspheme Quarantine – Hall light switch

This is the lift switch in the same alcove

The Quarantine Storage – the only switch required to press is the left hand switch of the pair on the right hand wall.

Then run to the end platform (which is adjacent to the teleporter) immediately, and it will rise shortly afterwards (within a matter of seconds).

In the Quarantine Center, hit this switch three times to save time


  1. The first lift (from the first floor to the second) stops when the gate to the quarantine center, which is opened by jumping the gap, opens. It is possible to stop this lift half way between floors trapping the occupants
  2. It is possible to complete the level and return to the first floor, with the final door not opened – I am not entirely sure why this is. You have to run through the whole level again, or jump out at the terminal in the quarantine storage.
  3. In the Quarantine Center, the second switch opens a two part door  that can swish you). Flicking this switch just once means that the door opens in a two stage process, which can be annoyingly slow. However, if you flick it twice quickly, on-off-on, then both door stages open at the same time, thereby saving time.
  4. The secret door in the final “figure of eight” room (with the single hulk) can swish you when closing – unlike the exit door which will re-open (and reset the door close timer) if you are standing in the threshold (likewise the entry door to the Quarantine Center)
  5. There is a “bug”. After the door that opens very slowly, there is a short passage (i.e. the other side of the door) to the left, followed by a longer passage to the left. Just at this second left, if you stand one meter from the corner, if there are still blue Phfor firing bolts at you, it is possible to get hit (and take damage), even though there is a wall between you and them  This may be due to the thinness of the wall, allowing you to be affected by the blast radius, but I think not. It seems more likely that the wall is transparent for missiles. Note that only the bolt firing Phfor can hit you through the wall, green and purple Phfor can not physically strike you with the wand. It is also not possible to fire back blindly or otherwise, through the wall. See the red circled area below:

Finishing the level super quickly with the jump cheat

If you have the jump cheat you can do a weird quick run through, without needing to run/fight though the figure-of-eight room.

In the second floor main room, jump up through the alcove (where the two S’pht are) above the single round rotary light switch, jump up to the long exit corridor of the figure of eight room – so that you are effectively running through the level backwards). You get to the outside of the figure of eight exit door. Open it and then run back down the long corridor to the S’pht alcove.  Then jump tot he platform with the two purple Phfor, that triggers the entry door to the Quarantine Center to open, jump through that in to the Quarantine Center, jump the steps (without needing to trigger the first switch), double flick the second switch (see note 3 above), get to the Quarantine Storage, and then exit via the terminal – after having had to read the lyrics to Daisy-Daisy.

Why does the final door not open?

I think it is the first switch in the Quarantine Center that triggers the final door (on the ground floor) to open… but I am not convinced. It could be an additional (or another) sequence of switches that are required…

No, not true. If you (cheat) jump to the quarantine center door opening platform (without using the lift, i.e. without flicking the lift switch) and then jump to the QC Switch 2 (triple click), then jump to the QS teleport (without using any of the platform switches), and open the final room door and then complete the level as normal then the final door opens. Total switches used = 2 (first lift switch and the second QC switch).

So, maybe the second QC switch opens the final door..?

Demo differences

Blaspheme Quarantine

I thought that there used to be a switch in the demo, in the alcove above the alcove light switch, which opened something (maybe either the final or penultimate door downstairs?), but I may be mis-remembering it.

There was a BOB too, see Re: Volunteers – Blaspheme Quarantine

Bigger Guns Nearby

On Bigger Guns Nearby, the demo had a Napalm unit in the alcove which you have to grenade hop to. However, the actual game has only some grenades,  pistol and machine gun (MA-75) round in the alcove. Hardly seems worth the effort trying to get up there.



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