Switching between windows in the Arduino IDE on OS X


The OS X version of the Arduino IDE annoyingly doesn’t have a Window menu, through which you could select which sketch Window has the focus.

So if you have multiple sketch windows open, one or more of which are full screen, then they are constantly obscuring each other and you find yourself having to constantly move windows back and forth, and/or minimising and maximising windows just to get at the correct window – which rapidly becomes a right pain in the arse.

The solution is to use cmd + ` to switch focus between windows. This solution was posted in this post (#7) on the thread Switching between arduino sketch windows on a mac?

Try command and “`”, the key that’s usually just left of “1” and has “`” and “~” on it. That’s the default. You can change it to whatever you want: System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Keyboard -> Move focus to next window.

I’m also relatively new to a Mac, just one year since switching teams after many years. It’s different. I still miss being able to start a separate process by clicking the icon in the dock. Or creating a text file with a right click.

Ignore the initial posts in the thread which are from morons using Window$ turd machines.

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