Chassis for robot car. Based upon an incomplete Murtaza video series, using a rather expensive robot chassis kit, which is covered in Robot Car – Jetson Nano and Arduino (I think).

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The ideal car would have:

  • Two tiers, possiblly three
  • Aluminium frame
  • 12V gears motors with encoders
  • Screw fix wheels (not the TT motor clip on
  • Built in encoders (rather than the HC-020K encoder wheels for TT motors)


Update 2022 – JGB37-520 motor

There is also a JGB37-550

Motor with encoder 12V: JGB37-520

Note: These motors are not interchangable with the yellow TT motors – the fixings and mounting holes are different. The TT motor is mounted from above, whereas the JGB37 is mounted by the axle face


AutomaticAddison guides for JGB37-520 motors with encoder (uses one interrupt pin and another pin for direction of rotation):


Namiki 22CL-3501PG/ Faulhaber 2342 CR/ 16009 Nexus

The unfinished Murtaza project used these motors in the videos listed in Robot Car – Jetson Nano and Arduino


This project/kit on AliExpress (see above), Cheapest Double layer 4WD 60mm Mecanum Wheel RC Robot Car Chassis with DC 12V Encoder Motor for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Project

GR-WM5 12V DC Compact 60rpm Worm Gear Motor with Encoder

Used in James Bruton‘s caterpillar tank with AI vision, see the video Simple A.I. Demo with Jetson Nano, also listed in Robot Car – Jetson Nano and Arduino



Random – RubiconX

RubiconX guide


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