Hello World!

Welcome to the gr33nonline blog, one small part of the Greenonline conglomerate.

This blog mainly consists of general ranting and ravings about hardware and software technical issues, plus a few buying guides.

The discussions may wander off topic at time, and may not have that full on technical feel, but instead take on rather a conversational sense. However, the facts are there, and hopefully someone may be in the same head scratching point as I have been, and will find something useful here, or at least emphasise with the dilemma.

Please note that each blog is a living document and as such are liable to change, and grow, over time. So if you see a blog that seems a little sparse, then bare with me. Its sparseness will be because the topic is still being researched, and that is only the information at the current time of writing. It is best to revisit the page at a later date, to see if additional information has been added.


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5 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. Hello, I’m amazed with your “BIG Troubleshooting Guide” and we just started a new Greek support group in our effort to create a greek database with guides and instructions. So, I was wondering if you are interested and we can translate your perfect guide. my email is s.revvas@gmail.com
    I will be glad to have news from you.


  2. Good Day Sir
    I was directed to your page by someone at HackEduca, thank you for putting it up.
    I am having trouble understanding the ATtiny85 that I got in order to build a “Useless Box” game for my Gr Kids. I’m not a programmer, and I only got the Arduino for that one purpose. The development board is the one with the USB C-mini connection, which has a different layout than the male USB A. With the help of your page, I think I can transform the sketches meant for Arduino UNO to the tiny.
    Thank you


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