Sleepy iMac

I was provided with a second hand iMac. Unfortunately It overheats
Fix iMac G5 PSU

Optimate charger


I have two Optimate chargers, a Honda 3+ and a Optimate 4, and finding the online manuals is a bit of an issue. This is because fo the poor rebadging and renaming system. Optimate was sometime Accumate, and the Honda 3+ isn’t necessarily the same as the Optimate 3+ (although I am not sure what the exact differences are). Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, here is a collection of the links that I have found.

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Share and share alike


In Thailand residences, the network access is normally via building-wide Wi-Fi, and you are given a username and password and can only connect one device at a time – unless you pay for another Wi-Fi account (around 500-700 Baht/month). However, what do you do if you, like most people, have more than one device. It is somewhat of a pain to keep on having to log off on one device and then log on with another device, each time you need to swap laptop/tablet/phone/etc.

Obviously the way to do it is to connect to the Wi-Fi with a laptop, share that Wi-Fi point through the laptop’s Ethernet to your LAN. Easily done on a Mac. However, your tablets and phones (and other wireless devices, without access to Ethernet) will still be left out in the cold. So you then need to share the Ethernet  on to your own private Wi-Fi network. Here is how to do it on a subsequent spare Windows 7 laptop

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