Swapping a freehub for a cassette hub


Leading on from 7 speed dilemas, I decided to swap the hubs myself and finally get around to learning how to build a wheel. Basically I’ll be taking out the freehub from a new cheap Chinese wheel and swapping it with a Shimano FH-RM50… However, nothing is as simple as it seems… especially when the Chinese rim and lacing differs considerably (and confusingly) from that described by Sheldon Brown….

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ExpressCards on Santa Rosa MacBook Pro


My 15″ Santa Rosa (2.4 GHz) MacBook Pro is seriously limited with its two USB 2.0 ports. So I thought about:

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Theme Park in DOSBox on OSX


After playing syndicate (download here – the right mouse is used for fire, space does not work), I thought I’d try Theme Park (also from Abandonware), but unlike syndicate which just unzipped, Theme Park is the installer and it throws a wobbly if not installed from a floppy – having the installer in the DOSGAMES directory (or folder) does not work…

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7 speed dilemas


If you already have a freewheel hub with a 7 speed freewheel gears (i.e. MF-TZ07) using an IG or HG (hyperglide) chain, this chain will only work for 6,7 or 8 speed gear sets. Any higher and the chain will not sit correctly on the narrower pitched gears… see Bicycle chain – width:

  • 6 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)
  • 7 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)
  • 8 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)

Shimano uses the same chain types on 6, 7,and 8 speed designs.

So if you need to switch wheels to one using a cassette, and you want to retain the existing chain, then you will need a HG gear cassette, as a CNXXXX will not fit the chain. So a Shimano CS-HG20 7-Speed Cassette (13-23T) would do the job. Note that a spacer may also be required.

Also ensure that the hub/cassette is hyperglide (or compatible).

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