Following on from 0.91″ SSD1306, I created a series of minimal Arduino class libraries to drive the 0.91″ 128 x 32 OLED. Continue reading SSD1306_OLED_HW_LIB2


0.91″ SSD1306


I bought this, 0.91″128×32 IIC I2C White DIY OLED LCD Display Module 3.3V Fr PIC Arduino Hot im and connected it to an Arduino Mega, SDA/SCL/GND and connected to 5V and thought that I had broken it…

It turns out that I hadn’t, and only the very first versions of this display are 3V3 sensitive. However, finding a library to work was a bit of a task, and a small library, that doesn’t gobble up all of the Arduino’s memory, is even harder to find.

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PWM.h for Arduino


Following on from Vaping – Box Mods, I was trying to compile NewPWM, from Github: OpenSource Vape/ Smart_PWM_Test, and I was constantly getting the error:

NewPWM.ino:13:17: fatal error: PWM.h: No such file or directory

I searched google for ages, couldn’t find anything. Then, finally, I searched on Stack Exchange Arduino and found this answer from Mavidad, to Generating PWM signal 1-2 ms @ 333 Hz). NewPWM requires PWM.h from GoogleCode: arduino-pwm-frequency-library.

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The case of the broken Pro Micro (reprise)

Revisited – one year later

Looking at this issue again, The case of the broken Pro Micro, one year later, when I connect the Pro Micro to a USB port on the PC, it is just not recognised. It is worth noting that I was using a newer version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.11) this time around. Last year I was using version 1.6.5. Continue reading The case of the broken Pro Micro (reprise)