P10 displays


I got hold of three P10 display boards for 20 baht each, in Talat Din Daeng. Two are P10(1R)-V701B-3 and one is P10(1R)-V806AN. Each board requires a 5 V 3 A supply.

I ended up writing an extension to the DMD library, DMD_String, in order to enable String objects to be used to contain, and directly pass, the message – in addition to the use of C strings which DMD already supports.

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Following on from A tiny one and Using an ATtiny development board, I figured that it was time to get the DigiStump/DigiSpark ATtiny85 board (that I had ordered over two months ago) to work, seeing as I had failed to get the ATtiny85 and the development board to work previously.


This time around it was a lot easier…

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