Compiling ArduCopter/ArduPilot with the Arduino IDE


Having trouble getting the ArduPilot/ArduCopter source code (it would be rather churlish to call it a sketch) to compile? Here is an account of the issues that I encountered when I gave it a go… Continue reading Compiling ArduCopter/ArduPilot with the Arduino IDE

Random drone history and legal stuff


I was having a last night google session and found these odd snippets. I had been wondering why drones, or rather quadcopters, in particular, are so popular now, when did they start to become so and who made the first one. After all, I only remember seeing toy and semi professional helicopters up until about two or three years ago. I think the first quadcopter that I noticed was in BKK in 2014, in Pantip Plaza, Pratunam market.

The issue that I had was that most articles deal with the drones, as used by the military. However, I was more interested in the history of ‘copters. Continue reading Random drone history and legal stuff

LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…


LightWaveRF home automation… A load of cheap rubbish. It was recommended to me by a chap from SouthDownsSolar. I popped into Maplins (first big mistake) to have a look. The Saturday boy knew less about it than me. I ended up educating him, and I had only just read the back of the box..!!!! The units/components seemed reasonably priced though. Having left there, I got in touch with my guru. Continue reading LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…

Networks, Relays and remote switching

Make your own cheap charlie Z-Wave type control, minus the RF stuff (so really nothing to do with Z-Wave, more of a remote controlled Home Automation relay), using an Arduino in conjunction with an Ethernet Shield and a Relay shield, with this Instructables guide, Ethernet Switching – with Arduino.