Optimate charger


I have two Optimate chargers, a Honda 3+ and a Optimate 4, and finding the online manuals is a bit of an issue. This is because fo the poor rebadging and renaming system. Optimate was sometime Accumate, and the Honda 3+ isn’t necessarily the same as the Optimate 3+ (although I am not sure what the exact differences are). Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, here is a collection of the links that I have found.

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Automatic motorcycle indicator (turn signal) control and monitoring


Remember the DataTool Turn Alert? They don’t seem to make them anymore, unfortunately. I think that they were being phased out, back in 2008, because they were hard to get hold off, even back then. Strangely, google throws up hardly any references to them… it is as if they never existed! Continue reading Automatic motorcycle indicator (turn signal) control and monitoring

I love to watch TV in my car…


The E39 BMW 540i MSport came with a TV. Unfortunately the earlier models had an analogue receiver which became defunct after the Digital Switchover to DAB. There are some third party solutions out there, but for convenience it is easiest to just switch the receiving module, which is located in the boot. This blog concentrates on how to update the unit to a digital receiver. Continue reading I love to watch TV in my car…

Bike Tyre Fitters and Prices


If you have your own tyres and just need them fitted, then below are a range of prices in the South East.  Many places will not do bikes, for safety concerns, i.e. taking the wheels off and replacing them, and the wheel nut torque settings etc., although some are happy if you can remove the wheels yourself and just take the rims in. Also, not everywhere is equipped to balance bike wheels.

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