Making a nipple…


… for a bicycle brake cable… AKA cable-end.

I found a roll of cable that was identical to the cable on my gear shift. It was left behind by the blokes putting up the 5G telecom equipment on the roof right above my room.

My Thai mate told me that I could take it to any shop and get a nipple placed on the end. I pictured a soft lead pellet being squashed on to the end.

After taking it to a number of bike shops in Din Daeng to see if they would/could place a nipple on the end of a two meter length, and getting short shrift at all of the shops, I decided to look into doing it myself. It was only then that I realised that no soft lead pellets were involved, whatsoever… read on…

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Bicycle rims and tyre widths


A friend of mine was wondering whether they could put narrower tyres on their racer’s rims, in order to gain a speed advantage. Conversely, I was wondering if I could put fatter tyres on my racer’s rims in order to stop falling into cracks in the roads of Bangkok.

Whilst I am sure that I have written about this before, I can’t find the article so I may be repeating myself here…

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Swapping a freehub for a cassette hub


Leading on from 7 speed dilemas, I decided to swap the hubs myself and finally get around to learning how to build a wheel. Basically I’ll be taking out the freehub from a new cheap Chinese wheel and swapping it with a Shimano FH-RM50… However, nothing is as simple as it seems… especially when the Chinese rim and lacing differs considerably (and confusingly) from that described by Sheldon Brown….

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7 speed dilemas


If you already have a freewheel hub with a 7 speed freewheel gears (i.e. MF-TZ07) using an IG or HG (hyperglide) chain, this chain will only work for 6,7 or 8 speed gear sets. Any higher and the chain will not sit correctly on the narrower pitched gears… see Bicycle chain – width:

  • 6 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)
  • 7 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)
  • 8 speed – 7.3 mm (932 in) (Shimano HG), 7.1 mm (932 in) (SRAM, Shimano IG)

Shimano uses the same chain types on 6, 7,and 8 speed designs.

So if you need to switch wheels to one using a cassette, and you want to retain the existing chain, then you will need a HG gear cassette, as a CNXXXX will not fit the chain. So a Shimano CS-HG20 7-Speed Cassette (13-23T) would do the job. Note that a spacer may also be required.

Also ensure that the hub/cassette is hyperglide (or compatible).

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