Fishing with magnets


After having seen some people doing this in the canals around Leicester and having read this article on the BBC news, The hidden dangers of magnet fishing, I thought I’d look into it.

There are a range of magnet sizes/strengths to choose from, with cost obviously increasing with strength, so which one do you need?

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Hermes destroyed my Fluke PM3092


Wikipedia states that Hermes is the god of commerce, as well as trickery and thieves (amongst other things). The latter two might be best to describe Hermes – the courier company. In fact Perses would be a more suitable name for the company, as he is the god of destruction.

I had purchased an absolutely beautiful Fluke PM3092 oscilloscope, and was really looking forward to receiving it. When it arrived, in fact before it arrived, before I had even opened the door I heard the delivery guy drop the package on the floor. “That doesn’t sound good”, I thought to myself. When I opened the door, I said, immediately and with a glare, that the package was an oscilloscope and that it needed to be handled carefully. The guy’s face fell. “Ah well”, he cried, as he departed, “Have fun with it!”

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Low or High Density?


I need some (4 x 4 GB) memory DDR2-800 (or DDR-667) PC2-6400u (or PC2-5300) UDIMMS Unbuffered Non-EEC for an AMD Althon Dual Core 4850e motherboard.

From DDR2 PC2-6400U 800Mhz, high density are not recommended.

If you google a particular memory stick identifier, you can end up with different looking sticks (126 or 32 ICs)

So how to tell low density from high density?

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