Low or High Density?


I need some (4 x 4 GB) memory DDR2-800 (or DDR-667) PC2-6400u (or PC2-5300) UDIMMS Unbuffered Non-EEC for an AMD Althon Dual Core 4850e motherboard.

From DDR2 PC2-6400U 800Mhz, high density are not recommended.

If you google a particular memory stick identifier, you can end up with different looking sticks (126 or 32 ICs)

So how to tell low density from high density?

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A follow on, bulk move, from Pocket ‘scope to deal with bench DSO is its own separate blog, rather than a small section in a blog about pocket oscilloscopes.

I had always been after a DS1052e/DS1054z, due to Dave’s EEVBlog videos, but after reading Owon SDS7102 vs Rigol DS1102E vs Rigol DS1052E Review, I realised that the Owon has more features (VGA, LAN and battery operation) as well as a better screen.

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Atari Punk Build



Following on from Atari Punx…, here is a minimalistic but versatile design of the Atari Punk Console (APC).

It has been derived from an even simpler APC design, but has outputs from both the astable and the monostable, as well as ramp outputs for each.

In addition it also has the ability to add CV inputs to both the astable and monostable, or to use a jumper to link both CV inputs to their own 10 nF capacitor to ground.

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