Gordak 952 – which one?


I have been hankering after a Gordak 952 (which did not have a digital display as shown in the feature image at the top of the page) for over three years now, ever since I saw one in Ban Mo plaza for 1500 baht. Every few months I would go and look at the device in the shop and dither and never make the purchase. Then a few months ago the shop closed! This galvanized me in to action and looking else where. On AliExpress they are selling at over $100/£100..! This did make me wonder if the one in Ban Mo plaza was a copy/clone/rip-off.

Then I found another shop, again in BanMo Plaza, selling a 952A for 1600 baht. But they also had a 952 (without the A) for 2500, which had a digital display. So I thought that I’d do some research and find some reviews. However the only thing I found was Gordak 952-v hot air solder station – high failure rate – what cause? So there seem to be a number of versions: standard, A and V. There is also a D…

Also, it seems as if the 952 (old version without the digital display) is now called the 952A.

One question is whether the digital display of the 952 is worth the extra £20, over the 952A?

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The UT-D07A is a BlueTooth adapter for the UT-71, UT-181 and UT-171 DMMs, and it costs around £20, if you shop around on eBay and AliExpress.

However, the UT-D07A is not much cop apparently… or rather the (iOS) software crashes regularly, there’s no Windows software to speak of, and basically, it’s probably not worth the cash… That said, it could be a useful addition, if you need to see graphical data. However, it is worth noting that as there is no Mac or Windows support, the ability to use that data, apart from obtaining pretty graphs from iPhone/iPad screenshots, may be rather limited

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Feeling the need to clamp


After watching Balance Charging: Can you parallel charge?, I realised that I needed a clamp meter. But which one?

I had already purchased a UNI-T UT71D DMM, see Choosing which Multimeter to buy, and I was very happy with it, so the UNI-T clamp meter seemed a logical choice.  Everyone seems to have the UNI-T 210E. However, there are a myriad of other options.

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