Feeling the need to clamp


After watching Balance Charging: Can you parallel charge?, I realised that I needed a clamp meter. But which one?

I had already purchased a UNI-T UT71D DMM, see Choosing which Multimeter to buy, and I was very happy with it, so the UNI-T clamp meter seemed a logical choice.  Everyone seems to have the UNI-T 210E. However, there are a myriad of other options.

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B6 “Cell Number Incorrect”


Following on from B6 based chargers, I managed to fry my SkyRC B6 Mini LiPo battery charger whilst charging a 3S LiFe battery. Now I just get an error message whenever I initiate a charge cycle.

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Don’t eat the glowing fish


After hearing that Fukushima is still leaking radiative waste and coolant into the sea, I wanted to check the fish in Tesco Lotus for radiation. Initially I thought about buying an old school military/academic Geiger counter.

However, after a quick search and having seen some pretty discrete Geiger counters, on eBay, that fit in the microphone socket of the iPhone, and looking up some reviews, in order to gauge their effectiveness, I came across, not only some interesting DIY video tutorials, but also some reviews of more serious geiger counters, scintillation counters, and most interestingly of all, the vintage CDV-700 and the hacks that can be applied to it.

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Selfie Canon?


I saw a Canon Selphy CP 760 for sale for 50 baht in a street market on Sunday, in Yu Chareon, just off Ratchada Soi 3

However, it had no supply supply, 24V 2.2 A. By luck, I managed to find a Canon power supply brick CA-CP200 B, 24 V which supplied 1.8 A. Obviously not the correct rating, but close enough to test the printer. Continue reading Selfie Canon?