Steel series Cataclysm mouse


I picked one up for 10 baht. Wow! (no pun intended) this is a giant mouse, and used to cost $99 back in the day.

After some serious fiddling with the buttons, they all work (initially buttons 6 and 7 didn’t), having confirmed using the Windows app, on Windows 10. The OS X application didn’t work on 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

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Jetson Nano – basic specs


Some really rough notes on the Jetson Nano, including specifications.

The Jetson Nano is a System on a Module (SOM) combined with a carrier board. There are two versions: 2GB and 4 GB. There are two varieties of the 4GB dev kit carrier board: A02 and B01

For more information, see Swapping the dev boards below.

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Multiple external monitors on a MacBook Pro (2007 – 2011)


Multiple monitors, shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve. After all, the 2008-2011 MBP has a mini display port and display port is meant to be able to daisy chain devices. However, apparently with Apple, you must have a non-graphics device between two monitors in the chain (this post) or both monitors at the end of the chain (this post).

So maybe there is another solution…

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