Optimate charger


I have two Optimate chargers, a Honda 3+ and a Optimate 4, and finding the online manuals is a bit of an issue. This is because fo the poor rebadging and renaming system. Optimate was sometime Accumate, and the Honda 3+ isn’t necessarily the same as the Optimate 3+ (although I am not sure what the exact differences are). Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, here is a collection of the links that I have found.

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Infra Red temperature sensors


I was looking for an Infra Red thermometer to measure the heat on my solar PV panels and for checking my 3D printer. Whilst tempted by thermal imaging cameras, I was somewhat put off by the £2000-3800 price tag. So, I opted for the cheaper gun like tools. However, there are some DIY options that I will briefly look at first.

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How does a frequency to voltage converter work?


This was my answer to the question, How does a frequency to voltage converter work?, which was on Stack Exchange Engineering.

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, as this is copied verbatim from What’s All This Frequency-To-Voltage Converter Stuff, Anyhow? by Robert A. Pease, the guy who designed the LM131 for National. A PDF is available. Continue reading How does a frequency to voltage converter work?

2TB Hard disk for MacBook


Looking for an internal 2.5″ 2TB HDD for your MacBook, or MacBook Pro? The cheapest option is to get a Seagate Backup Slim USB external disk and rip its guts out. It is the only 9.5mm 2.5″ 2TB internal disk on the market (or was in 2015), and I( believe that it still is. Other disks are too fat (i.e. tall) at 12mm to fit in the MacBook internal disk bay – other heights may be 6mm or 15mm. Continue reading 2TB Hard disk for MacBook