Fixing broken Dell Laptop power supplies


Following on from Dell M6700 or M6800, there are a lot of laptops sold without power supplies or chargers. This made me wonder:

  • Is it because they blow often?
  • Why is that?
  • Are they plugged into power hungry docks
  • Are they underrated?

See M6600 Owner’s Review – Warning – Large pics – Personal Opinions for an interesting break down of the power supplies and current draw.

Anyway, I thought that instead of buying an expensive new, or second hand, supply (the 240 W or 330W can go for up to £100+), is it possible to to fix them? Is there a common failure mode? A recurring point of failure?

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Replace your RAMPS fuses


Following on from Double the volts… double the fun! here is a nice little tip that I came across to avoid your 3D printer going up in flames…

Replace both polyfuses (PTC) (F1 and F2) in a RAMPS 1.4 board with car blade fuses 5A and 10 or 15 A respectively. The polyfuses, F1 (MF-R1100) is rated to 11 A 16 V, F2 (MF-R500) is rated to 5A 30 V

It should be noted that in subsequent versions of the RAMPS boards (1.5 and thereafter), the fuses are SMD (and may also require replacing).

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Double the volts… double the fun!


For a long while I have wanted a Taurino Power 24 volt controller, and although they seem hard to find now, there is the Eruduino, which seems to be a reasonable clone…

Using 24 volts over 12 volts means, basically, less (half) current, thinner wires (or less likely to burn out the existing wires), less stress on connectors (where most fires start).

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Dual rail 12 volt supply from 24 volt SMPS


After seeing this 24 V SMPS on eBay, Protek 24V 8.4A 200W SMPSU Switch Mode Power Supply Medical Grade PSU PM200-14C, I thought it would be initially useful for a 24 V 3D printer. Then I thought it would be handy for a ±12 V supply for a synth… man, the possibilities are freaking endless..!

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