More High Powered USB charging stations


After my failed attempt to purchase one of the rare, and much sought after, Xtar Eu4 charging stations, due to the fact that they were discontinued (see High power USB charging station), I thought I’d have a look for a reasonable facsimile.

Usually when a product is discontinued, some bright spark in China takes the design and continues to manufacture them, maybe with modifications to make them even cheaper to produce.

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Second hand Sony LiPo batteries


I got hold of four secondhand Sony VTC5 batteries in Talat Din Daeng for 500 baht, from the same bloke who sold me the dodgy Wismec (see Wismec RX200), with a pretty purple (yet blown) 4GB Kingston USB DT101 G2 thrown in (see Stick it up your USB).

After the initial excitement, it started to sink in that they were probably fakes. When will I ever learn?

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iMac PSU and LCD Screen teardown and repair


No new content here, unfortunately, but related to my Dell WFP3008 and the sleepy iMac issues, I found a couple of semi-relevant videos (w.r.t. opening an iMac and cautionary tales when dealing with LCD panels), again from CuriousMarc

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