MG995/MG996 servo mount


The video AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 31: Controlling Servos with the Jetson Nano using the PCA9685 shows a very nifty MG996G servo base/stand/holder. It can be seen at 9:10, and 14:00

At 12:10 a Logitech C920 base is attached to a servo arm (pan and tilt). The C920 has a built in screw, the B910 does not.

These notes were originally in Course notes: AI on Jetson Nano

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Servo control using an N76E003AT20 board


Instead of the 16 channel PCA9685 based servo controller, use a N76E003AT20 two channel board to control a pan/tilt Pi cam setup using a Jetson Nano.

So, the code from Paul McWhorter’s, AI on the Jetson Nano LESSON 31: Controlling Servos with the Jetson Nano using the PCA9685 , will change…

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OpenWRT and Asus DSL-N12U


Finally I found, for 30 baht, an Asus router (DSL-N12U) for the Roomba project, that does have a USB port…

OK, it’s not one of the latest and greatest and isn’t on the OpenWRT hardware list, as it is one of the 4/32 routers (it actually has 16/32)… but it is one that closely matches the Asus WL-HDD and Linksys WRTSL54GS router used in Hacking Roomba.

Whilst the OpenWRT page for DSL-N12U provides no instructions on how to load OpenWRT, I found a useful tutorial that does show you how to port OpenWRT to a device whose platform is already implemented.

There’s a promising looking link on Asus WL-HDD, titled Asus Flashing but it hasn’t yet been written, although there is this: oldwiki:openwrtdocs:hardware:asus:flashing – OpenWrt Wiki

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Reducing USB port usage (on Jetson Nano)


Following on from Jetson Nano – basic specs, here are some options to reduce the USB port usage to just one port for keyboard and mouse… this obviously could apply to any computer with limited USB ports, not just a Jetson product.

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OpenWRT and D-Link DIR-878


I got hold of one of these for 40 baht in Yu Charoen, with the power supply (non-branded 12 V 1.5 A).

Remarkably, it appears to work, as the status lights will attest to:

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a USB port but there is a serial port inside. Supported by OpenWRT – the latest version 21.02.1. 16 MB Flash and 128 MB RAM. 3V3 board not 5V

Finally a router that can be used to control a Roomba..!

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