Are you being served?


Many moons ago, approximately a century of moon cycles (11/9/11), I started building, what was at the time, a top-notch RAID server (40 TB, or it may have been 60 TB – I forget which), but never got around to finishing it – I only got about 50% of the way through, and hadn’t yet purchased all of the disks, when the great flood of Thailand happened (circa 5th October 2011), wrecking all of the hard disk factories and consequently caused the price of hard disks shot through the roof. 3.5″ Hard disks had been about £50 for 2 TB, and then they went up to £80, and so I put the project on hold.

I had got the board, case and power supply fitted up, along with a few various hard drive [hot-swappable] bays installed, and that was about it.

There had also been an issue of the so-called top notch motherboard refusing to boot from a USB port, and thereby requiring an IDE CD-ROM drive to be fitted. Even back then, it was a bit of an antiquated method and that added to the whole phhfff-let’s-give-up-on-that feeling…

Today I found the server case and realised that I had an IDE DVD-ROM drive in hand. So, I decided to give it another go…

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