Share and share alike


In Thailand residences, the network access is normally via building-wide Wi-Fi, and you are given a username and password and can only connect one device at a time – unless you pay for another Wi-Fi account (around 500-700 Baht/month). However, what do you do if you, like most people, have more than one device. It is somewhat of a pain to keep on having to log off on one device and then log on with another device, each time you need to swap laptop/tablet/phone/etc.

Obviously the way to do it is to connect to the Wi-Fi with a laptop, share that Wi-Fi point through the laptop’s Ethernet to your LAN. Easily done on a Mac. However, your tablets and phones (and other wireless devices, without access to Ethernet) will still be left out in the cold. So you then need to share the Ethernet  on to your own private Wi-Fi network. Here is how to do it on a subsequent spare Windows 7 laptop

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A Pseudo Port, anyone?


Ever needed an OS X version of your favourite Windows application, but there isn’t one? I found myself in the same situation, with respect to TextPad. I remembered that I had learnt a trick, using Wine, but I had forgotten the exact steps. Luckily, I had noted down the steps in a Stack Exchange post. However that post had subsequently been deleted. I managed to retrieve it and have saved it here for posterity.

This is not about porting apps, I must confess…

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The mysterious case of the missing thumbails


I use VLC as my default media player, in Windows 7, and I have all of my video files (extensions) associated with VLC. However, I found that some downloaded video files kept the generic VLC icon whilst others correctly showed a thumbnail of the video poster frame.

No thumbnail icons for .mp4 nor .flv files
No thumbnail icons for .mp4 nor .flv files

In the process I ended up with some nasty spyware called “Browser Security” being installed, which closes Chrome, makes you lose your tabs that you had open and replaces them with’s webpage!!! About 15 other pieces of malware were also left strewn about my Home Directory

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I had a Compaq/HP tc4200 with a dim screen after installing Windows 7. It was barely readable and causing considerable eyestrain. The function keys, that should have adjusted the brightness, did not work. I wondered if it was a issue with the graphics driver.

In addition, there is an issue with the ambient light sensor. In fact the two issues are very closely related, and could be entirely due to the ambient light sensor.

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