Thai- style roman fonts


I was sent this image.

At first I thought that it was a clever use of the Thai characters. However, after looking at the actual Thai character set  I realised that it was not.

Then I thought that it could be a mix of real and fake characters, for example the “H” is a ho hip (ห), the O is very similar to a o ang (อ) or tua o (อ), U is a bo baimai (บ) with a tin yiat (◌ุ), T is a ro ruea (ร) and the I is a mai na (เ) with a phinthu i (◌ิ), whereas the C, E and Y are clearly fake, the N is a reversed H (or rather, a reversed ho hip (ห)) and the F looks like an unfinished kho khwai (ค) and the A looks like something, but it isn’t, and the R is a reversed version of the A without the cross bar.

Finally, I wondered  whether there was a single font that contained all of these characters, and I went off on a hunt for it.

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Finding a cure for the Red Ring Of Death in Bangkok


A friend of mine passed me an XBox 360 Core to repair that was suffering the, well known, Red Ring Of Death (RROD).

“Well”, I thought, “we are in Bangkok, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to fix…”

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Selfie Canon?


I saw a Canon Selphy CP 760 for sale for 50 baht in a street market on Sunday, in Yu Chareon, just off Ratchada Soi 3

However, it had no supply supply, 24V 2.2 A. By luck, I managed to find a Canon power supply brick CA-CP200 B, 24 V which supplied 1.8 A. Obviously not the correct rating, but close enough to test the printer. Continue reading Selfie Canon?