LED strips from fluorescent tubing


I was given a number of LED strips from flourescent tubes the other day. After a quick look, I noticed that the 36 LEDs were grouped in bunches of 12. I went an got a 12 V 2 A LED power supply, but only some of the LEDs flashed. So, more investigation was required…

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Wilson II print times


Following on from Building a Wilson II in Bangkok and the somewhat crazy prices for locally sourced printed parts, after finding out that a neighbour has a 3D printer, I decided to have another attempt at printing the parts for the Wilson 2.

If print time is charged at 1 baht/minute then how much would it cost to print a Wilson II 3D printer? Or more precisely, how long would it take to print all of the required parts?

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Antiquated OS X


How does one get hold of an older version of OS X? There are dodgy google drive links available on eBay, from Russia (with love) for £3, or a shop in Fortune Town that offers pirated DVDs for £6. None of which are particularly good, or trustworthy, options.

The AppStore would be the best and safest option, but it is not cheap, and if you haven’t already purchased Mountain Lion when it was available, then it will not show up.

So, you have to buy direct from Apple (see links below), for $20. Or try to find a second hand version of a DVD, but on eBay they generally go for more than $20, when postage is included.

However, post-Snow Leopard, the OSes were more commonly released on USB sticks. Also, to install Lion or Mountain Lion, you need to be running Snow Leopard or Lion (respectively), so it seems that you need both the Snow Leopard DVD and then the binary of Mountain Lion – this is getting long winded and pricey…

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