Testing IGBTs


Inside a broken Electrolux induction hotplate, ETD28KS, there is a IGBT, H20R1203. Other hotplates I had tried to fix were MOSFETs that controlled the current to the heating coil, see Fixing a hotplate.

Most videos on YouTube or web guides seem to focus on IGBT packages, the large black blocks, that contain two IGBTs, and refer to C2/E1.

However, I want to test only one single IGBT, not a pair.

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Getting a nest list correctly – in WP Classic Editor


The classic editor of WordPress.com doesn’t have a nest list UI element, o you have to do it in HTML. However, when you switch back to Visual mode, for some reason, more random (and unwanted) <ul>  and &nbsp  and <li style="list-style-type: none;"> tags are added automatically. These unwanted tags have a couple of effects:

  • They indent by one immediately so that the first point is not up against the left hand side.
  • Also, a list item after a nested list can become a new list, i.e. the previous list is ended after the nested list.

Here is how it should look in HTML…

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