After watching The Gigatron TTL Computer without a Microprocessor, I got to thinking about building an Apple I (or II). After a quick search I found the Wikipedia entry for the Replica 1 (see this Apple 1 kit page), and from there the Apple II section of ReactiveMicro’s site, and the apple-ii-rev-0 board.

Then I came across loads of retro teardowns from EEVblog

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Transistor Full Documentary

Informative video showing the development of the transistor by John Bardeen, William B. Shockley, and Walter H. Brattain, also explains the origin of Fairchild and Intel.

Birth of The Transistor: A video history of Japan’s electronic industry. (Part 1)


Circuits in stone: A video history of Japan’s electronic industry (Part 2)


Vacuum Tube to Transistor to Integrated Circuit [Documentary]