Don’t install Seagate Dashboard on Mountain Lion


The title says it all… Why? Because you will not be able to remove it. Oh, and don’t bother contacting Seagate support…

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Gin damaged MacBook Pro 17″ i7 2.5 GHz – Late 2011


About two years ago, I purchased a A1297 17” 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro on eBay. Within a week, I had knocked a glass of gin over it. It carried on working, but in the morning, I put kitchen roll on the keyboard and (stupidly) turned it over, opened it up and unplugged the battery and let it dry out.

A couple of weeks later, I reassembled it and it was dead, and wouldn’t switch on. I have no idea what is wrong. I can only guess that it turning it over the gin must have got inside it.

I was just so despondent that I had trashed it after only a week that I left it in a corner for over a year now.

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Feeling the need to clamp


After watching Balance Charging: Can you parallel charge?, I realised that I needed a clamp meter. But which one?

I had already purchased a UNI-T UT71D DMM, see Choosing which Multimeter to buy, and I was very happy with it, so the UNI-T clamp meter seemed a logical choice.  Everyone seems to have the UNI-T 210E. However, there are a myriad of other options.

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APM Power Modules


This blog leads on from the blogs Flight Controllers, see the section on APM/Additional Required Extras, (in particular Safetly Use CLONE APM Power Modules), as well as Low Voltage Warning for CC3D. There are varying reports that claim that these devices can pass the full battery voltage to the flight controller and fry it, but there are also others that say that this is scaremongering – so who is telling the truth? Also there are cheaper clones versions that lack certain components. This article explores both of these points.

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