I missed out on a wonderful bundle of a Pi and varioous hats, due to my playing the “gambling game”… bidding started at £20, but there was also a “Make an offer” button, so (in order to save a quick buck) I offered £19, the seller made a counter offer of £21. However, I decided to gamble and bid £20 instead – hoping to be the only bidder. Obviously I wasn’t and the bundle went for £21 – which is what I could have bought it for, if I hadn’t decided to gamble… oh well.

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PoE Pi


Following on from my article about my Pi 4 that was missing a USB-C power connector (see Fixing dead Pi 4 8GB), and the low voltage issues (due to the thin cables)…

Rather than attempting to resolder a USB-C connector, I thought I’d try to get a more elegant, yet still cheap,  solution – probably using PoE… even though the official Pi HATs seem to be riddles with issues.

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MacBook Pro 2011 2.5GHz 17″ – GPU reflow-reball-bypass


It finally happened to my MBP – after booting into High Sierra, and then rebooting into Mavericks and then a hard power down (by holding power button for 10 seconds). When I then rebooted into Mountain Lion, slowly the screen became more and more wierd – vertical lines gradually widened to become crazy zig-zaged blue and white vertical stripes. The AMD GPU had finally succumed to its destiny.

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Change Windows 10 Home Single Language from a US install to Thai


Windows is awful, nuff sed…

Installed a US version… then added Thai locale (location, keyboard, regional settings, etc.)… so far so good.

However, the Windows UI was still displayed in English and trying to change the UI to Thai was a nightmare.

In the Languages settings, the Windows display language menu could not be changed from English to Thai, even though the Preferred languages list contained both English and Thai.

The Thai setting, under the Preferred languages list, had the ominous warning “Your Windows license supports only one display language

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