Baby Beast RBA Bubble Fat Boy


This blog is dedicated to my good mate Sean…

Man, there are so many confusing combinations of the TFV8 Baby Beast, and the glass for the tank:

  • Baby Beast 3 ml
  • Baby Beast 2 ml (EU/UK law)
  • Big Baby Beast
  • Baby Beast with RBA – taller glass to accommodate the rebuildable deck
  • Big baby beast with RBA (not sure if this is different from the regular Baby Beast, it would appear not, see below)
  • There is also an X-baby, which requires yet another different RBA kit. From a comment on Original Smok V8 Baby RBA Deck Coil Kit for TFV8 Baby Tank, “No this kit is not for the X-Baby. There is a specific X-Baby RBA kit for your tank.”

Is it time to start pulling your hair out..?!

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Optimal routing of CD4017 outputs


The outputs of a CD4017 Decade counter are not the most strategically placed. In fact they are downright frustratingly placed. Routing between the IC and an inline ten pin header is not the most pleasant of tasks.

First off, should the ten pin header be placed on the left or right hand side of the IC? The left hand side of the IC has 8 output pins and the right hand side has 3. The left hand side would seem the most logical seeing as most of the outputs are down the left hand side of the IC. In that case, then three tracks are required to route three pins from the right hand side of the IC before routing even begins.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and will be for some time, I believe.

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