Reviving a dead 18650 LiPo


I had my first 18650 LiPo death recently. A single battery left in a Target Pro mod, for over six months. The mod would not charge the 18650 at all… that is to say that the charging light would show the animation of the battery charging, but no process was ever made in the state of the charge (over the space of 12 hours).

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Smok Alien 220W – No coil


I bought a brand new (possibly a clone), worked for two weeks and then “No coil” errors started appearing, or more annoyingly, it would ask me whether a new coil had been connected (yes/no). It would do this every time I tried to vape and hit the fire bar. This error would come and go, and then finally,  nothing would make it see the coil. In addition it would not balance charge the batteries correctly, either that or the reporting/measurement was wrong, and the tank leaks like a sieve.

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Smok Alien – Ohm too low


I’ve had my mod for a year and it was fine, then suddenly, during one vape session, mid vape it stopped and I got the Ohm too low message. I tried removing the tank, still got the Ohm too low message, instead of No coil message. Rebooted (i.e. power down, batteries out and in, and power on), still the same Ohm too low message.

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Ultimate coiling kit


I was toying with the idea of buying a coil making kit, with the case and all that, something along the lines of a coil master kit. But there are so many versions now, there is a v4 kit now I think, but all of them are usually lacking in something, or the mini cases have tools designed to be so small that they seem virtually impractical see Vaping with Vic‘s CoilMaster DIY Mini Kit and 521 Plus – Lots of CoilMaster stuff! review of the CoilMaster Mini kit – the cutters are tiny and look uncomfortable. Plus, I already have most of the essentials, and I found a nice little hard case, so I thought I could make my own custom elite version. So what would go into it..?

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