Infra Red temperature sensors


I was looking for an Infra Red thermometer to measure the heat on my solar PV panels and for checking my 3D printer. Whilst tempted by thermal imaging cameras, I was somewhat put off by the £2000-3800 price tag. So, I opted for the cheaper gun like tools. However, there are some DIY options that I will briefly look at first.

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A Pseudo Port, anyone?


Ever needed an OS X version of your favourite Windows application, but there isn’t one? I found myself in the same situation, with respect to TextPad. I remembered that I had learnt a trick, using Wine, but I had forgotten the exact steps. Luckily, I had noted down the steps in a Stack Exchange post. However that post had subsequently been deleted. I managed to retrieve it and have saved it here for posterity.

This is not about porting apps, I must confess…

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P3Steel from Poland – A tale of dispair, dismay and woe


Don’t get me wrong, I think that the P3Steel 3D printer is a very good design/derivative of the Prusa i3. However, the version of the frame that I purchased is somewhat lacking in finesse, and the supplier, from whom I obtained it, leaves something to be desired, when it comes to pre-sales and after-sales care.
The frame that I purchased was the Frame Prusa I3 P3Steel v4.0 +RODS, from a supplier based in Poland.

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Bearings explained


Whilst research, designing and building a P3Steel version 4 3D printer, I was a bit confused when it came to the various types of bearings required for the threaded rods, lead screws and GT2 belt pulleys: 624zz, 625zz, 605zz, F624zz, 608zz, etc. Fortunately I found this page, Notes on Ball Bearings, which explained the nomenclature. I have reproduced the page below.

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