Humidity Sensors


There are a number of humidity sensors on the market, but which should you choose? Continue reading Humidity Sensors


D-Day – The actual solar PV installation


The installation was carried out by Clear Sky Energy, which is run by Steve West (see also the Clear Sky Energy survey blog). A most professional team (Steve and Scotty), they arrived promptly on the Monday, and after introductions all round, then began work start away. Below are the photographs of how the work progressed, in chronological order. Continue reading D-Day – The actual solar PV installation

The lost valley of the dinosaur components


I was quietly sitting in a friend’s back garden, reviewing Stack Exchange posts on the Arduino site, when a friend came out to see what I was doing, and to have a chin wag about electronic audio devices (effects pedals and the like). One devices was mentioned, the Eisen 500, which was not commonly available as they had gone out of production, but they had a unique sound, and people were currently trying to reproduce, and reverse engineer this device, using discrete components available today. The gist of the conversation was as follows

The search terms that I used for the sound processing stuff are things like:
Eq schematics
Compressor schematics
Pre amp schematics
It’s an attempt to try and replicate some of the ‘Neve 500 series modules,’ but this stuff is the cream of the crop. Even guys who have been in the business for decades have difficulty replicating the stuff.
Guitar pedal schematics should be easier; still very difficult though.
Some search terms you could use together with schematic are things like:
Compressor guitar pedal schematic
Distortion (three types) 1.Fuzz, 2. Overdrive & 3. High Gain
A pedal that is great is a Spring Reverb Pedal. Not a digital one. Spring because they have real springs in them. See . Only really available from the states.

This led me to research the issue, and this is what I came up with. Continue reading The lost valley of the dinosaur components

Automatic motorcycle indicator (turn signal) control and monitoring


Remember the DataTool Turn Alert? They don’t seem to make them anymore, unfortunately. I think that they were being phased out, back in 2008, because they were hard to get hold off, even back then. Strangely, google throws up hardly any references to them… it is as if they never existed! Continue reading Automatic motorcycle indicator (turn signal) control and monitoring

LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…


LightWaveRF home automation… A load of cheap rubbish. It was recommended to me by a chap from SouthDownsSolar. I popped into Maplins (first big mistake) to have a look. The Saturday boy knew less about it than me. I ended up educating him, and I had only just read the back of the box..!!!! The units/components seemed reasonably priced though. Having left there, I got in touch with my guru. Continue reading LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…