Blue Moon


Controlling Arduino using an iOS app via BLE. There are a number of varieties and don’t get confused by the BT only modules, that don’t support BLE (which is required for Apple devices):

  • HC-05 – BT Master and slave [source]
  • HC-06 – BT Slave only
  • HM-10 – BLE – The HM-10 can operate on a lower voltage at the expense of real estate.
  • HM-11 – BLE – The HM-11 has significantly less I/O exposed off the interposer PCB, including GPIO and USB [source]. See also the XBee Bluetooth blog

Which one is the right one?

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What a Cad!


Need some PCB design software? Well you have a few options, free and not free. These are CadSoft Eagle and Novarm DipTrace or Altium respectively. The full Altium package costs around $15000. There is, obviously AutoCAD, but which hobbist has money for that? Although there is AutoCAD 360, which is free. However, which one is right for you?

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