After finding an answer for this question,  Low Filament Sensor for Crealty CR-10? and realising that the X+ endstop input is used for the low filament sensor on a CR-10S, and seeing that a third party filament sensor is active LOW for a lack of filament (i.e. HIGH when there is filament), it got me wondering about the logic used for endstop switches.

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I couldn’t resolve this compile error

fastio.h:29: error: 'DIOORIG_FAN2_PIN_WPORT' was not declared in this scope

This was from compiling the Repetier.ino file, straight from the download from a number of sources:

  1. github, Repetier firmware, and;
  2. google drive: Repetier-Firmware-2017-06-09

I played about with the Configuration.h file, that came with the google drive download, manually, but always ended up with the same error.

I then tried loading the Configuration.h file into the Configuration tool, and reconfiguring it in there, but that did not help much.

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