Atari Punk Build



Following on from Atari Punx…, here is a minimalistic but versatile design of the Atari Punk Console (APC).

It has been derived from an even simpler APC design, but has outputs from both the astable and the monostable, as well as ramp outputs for each.

In addition it also has the ability to add CV inputs to both the astable and monostable, or to use a jumper to link both CV inputs to their own 10 nF capacitor to ground.

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Audio Oscillator in AVR


Having tackled the AVR Timers and Interrupts to make a Noise Chip for the BOSS DR-110 in the article Noisey chips, I now feel confident to take on and answer this question on Stack Exchange, Program an ATtiny13 as an audio oscillator with variable frequency and pulse-width. The added bonus is that it can be used to create an Atari punk Console (APC)-esque device.

Initially I will use an ATmega328…

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