Following on from A tiny one and Using an ATtiny development board, I figured that it was time to get the DigiStump/DigiSpark ATtiny85 board (that I had ordered over two months ago) to work, seeing as I had failed to get the ATtiny85 and the development board to work previously.


This time around it was a lot easier…

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Using an ATtiny development board


Following on from A tiny one, my development board finally arrived, along with an ATtiny85, and this is how to use it… and it’s not as easy as it would seem.

These instructions, and troubleshooting tips should work for ATtiny 85/45/25

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8bit Mixtape Neo


Following on from A tiny one, and a missing opportunity to attend a workshop and make a  8 Bit Mixtape Neo, I thought I’d look up the schematic and code…

The Neo is a simply device that plays ByteBeat, and provides a mechanical interface (two rotary controls and some buttons) in order to change the current ByteBeat being played, see ByteBeat on Arduino. As the name suggests, around half of the device (and code) is dedicated to using the Adafruit NeoPixel LED library. Examining the code of 8Bit-Mixtape-NEO/Code/NEO_8Pixel-OneLiners/NEO_8Pixel-OneLiners.ino, the left hand rotary control controls the speed, the right hand merely changes the visuals, and a button selects which one out of seven bytebeats is played, or plays a single tune in the case of FamilyMart.ino.

The featured image is from Center for Alternative Coconut Research – 8Bit Mixtape Neo

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