Course notes: IMU BNO055


Course notes from 9-Axis IMU LESSON 1: Introduction to Nine Axis Sensors and Inertial Measurement Units with Arduino

Note that the serialplot application used in this course is now available for OS X, at /serialplot_OS_X_port. See Porting serialplot to OS X for more details.

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Don’t get the wrong BNO055!


The Bosch BNO 055 IMU – a combined accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope with a built in ARM processor – can support both IIC communication and Serial communication, via the IIC or UART modes. However, this question on SE.Robotics, Aliexpress bought BNO055 UART connection, brought to my attention that certain breakout boards for the BNO005 can not be used in UART mode (at least not without some rework of the board) and therefore are only compatible with Arduino but not the Raspberry Pi.

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