Low Voltage Warning for CC3D


Following on from CC3D, I need a low voltage cutoff on my quad, for the 3S LiPo, as I am constantly running my batteries down to 3% of the batteries capacity.

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This is just part of the ZMR250 build log, Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250. This section on configuration of the CopterControl (CC3D) flight controller has been moved to a separate post, in order to reduce the size of the original blog.

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Quadcopter build log


This is a succinct summary of the Drone based blogs, which cover each area/topic in much greater detail.

This blog is, basically, a chronological list (or, if you will, a retrospective diary) of events that I encountered when attempting to build my first drone from scratch, with my broaching of the subject – having had no prior experience of UAVs, what so  ever. Continue reading Quadcopter build log

Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250


I got hold of a clone of the ZMR250 and this is my build log. See also Drone kit -ZMR 250. See also Drone kit -Building a Tarot Mini 250 (TL250A).

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