Ryze Tello


Since following Murtaza course, Course notes: Drone/Python, I’ve wanted one of these Tellos – principally for the DJITelloPy functionality ( / DJITelloPy). However, they do seem to be plagued with a few issues, and each time I think about getting one and do some research, I seem to find a new issue. To start with, just read these reviews

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APM Power Modules


This blog leads on from the blogs Flight Controllers, see the section on APM/Additional Required Extras, (in particular Safetly Use CLONE APM Power Modules), as well as Low Voltage Warning for CC3D. There are varying reports that claim that these devices can pass the full battery voltage to the flight controller and fry it, but there are also others that say that this is scaremongering – so who is telling the truth? Also there are cheaper clones versions that lack certain components. This article explores both of these points.

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