Low Voltage Warning for CC3D


Following on from CC3D, I need a low voltage cutoff on my quad, for the 3S LiPo, as I am constantly running my batteries down to 3% of the batteries capacity.

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SP3 Racing F3


I have killed my KK Mini flight controller by powering it up with the polarity reversed, see KK Mini, so I was in the market for another flight controller. I thought about simply replacing the KK Mini with another one, but could I get something better for my money as the KK Mini is rather a noddy affair. I saw the SP3 Racing F3 (also labelled as  the SP Racing F3), and thought that it might be worth taking a look.

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Drone kit – ZMR250 PDBs


In my job lot of ZMR 250 frames that I obtained from eBay, two of the popular, but basic, Diatone PDBs were included, one was version 2.1 and the other version 2.2, as well as an excellent RCTech v4.1 ZMR250 PDB. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between version 2.1 and 2.2 of the Diatone PDBs, as yet. The RCTech PDB allows for on-board placement of a Naze32 flightcontroller and a Micro MinimOSB.

This, then, led me on to a brief voyage of discovery with respect to ZMR250 specific PDBs.
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