Make two PDFs from Eagle two sided PCB

From How to export from Eagle to pdf


you want to make sure that you only have the layers you need for one side of the board active. So in this case you would make two pdfs, one for the top and one for the bottom. To make the top PDF make sure that only layers 1,17,18, and 20 are on and the follow the procedure in the previuos post. Likewise for the bottom make sure that 16,17,18,20 and then go File Print. The Print command will only print the active layers.


I recommend that you set Black option, that way you can get the thickest toner possible on your board. It’s also useful if you are doing phototransfer.


For this application you may want to consider using the CAM2image.ulp that comes with EAGLE. You can use it to export high quality images of the layers for DIY PCB processes.


Using EagleCAD – board layout


I have been rather successfully using EagleCAD, for designing schematics, and then Veroboard/Stripboard layouts (instead of PCB layouts).

Here are a few of the gotchas that I have found.

Note that this article covers boards only. For schematic layout issues, see EagleCAD nuances – schematics

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Building Circuits for Stripboard using EAGLE – Mike Perks


This is a great webpage, written by Mike Perks in 2005, which I came across whilst reading Stripboard. Unfortunately, the link therein was dead and it took me a while to locate it. I have taken the liberty to reproduce it here, as it may get lost again, in the sands of time, that is the web. The zip file is here:

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EagleCAD nuances – schematics


EagleCAD can have a bit of a steep learning curve, especially for those who have never used a CAD package before. Even if you are familiar with CAD there may be a few finer points that become gotchas after using Eagle for a while…

Note that this article covers schematics only. For board layout issues, see Using EagleCAD – board layout

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