Assembly of an MK8


There are an awful lot of cheap MK8 extruders, and their derivatives (close and not so close), out there – with different number of parts, different bolts (lengths and thicknesses), screws, washers,  varying arm designs (enclosed or non-enclosed bearings), etc.. However, not many assembly instructions. So I’ll ramasser a few different assembly pictures here.

This post was inspired by How to build the extruder motor holder for the Kossel Mini

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The extraordinary extruder


Following on from Kossel 3D Printer, and the tutorial videos (see Kossel construction videos) the BuildA3DPrinter kit comes with an extruder stepper motor with a planetary gearbox. This results in a very high torque. However, as stated below, it has been replaced by the 3325_0, a motor with the same NEMA size and same torque.

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Extruders and Hotends


Are you confused as to which extruder and hotend combination to get? So was I.

Do you want to spend as little money as possible, and are thinking about getting a cheap Chinese extruder from eBay for $20? So did I.

However, you could be wasting your money. It is advisable that, should you skimp on every other part of your 3D printer, you should, definitely, not skimp on the extruder, as this is the business end of the whole machine. Failure to get the right extruder will result in bad prints, clogged extruders and endless frustration.

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