iPod – error 1


I purchased an iPod for 300 baht, in the market (Talat) in Pracha Songkro, Din Daeng.  The vendor warned me that it did not work (“Mai Dai”), and, when pressed further, he stated that there was a problem with the Firmware. When the power button was pressed the screen lit up with the Apple logo and then was promptly replaced with the “Connect to iTunes” logo (i.e. the iPod was in Recovery Mode).

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Networks, Relays and remote switching

Make your own cheap charlie Z-Wave type control, minus the RF stuff (so really nothing to do with Z-Wave, more of a remote controlled Home Automation relay), using an Arduino in conjunction with an Ethernet Shield and a Relay shield, with this Instructables guide, Ethernet Switching – with Arduino.

Blue Moon


Controlling Arduino using an iOS app via BLE. There are a number of varieties and don’t get confused by the BT only modules, that don’t support BLE (which is required for Apple devices):

  • HC-05 – BT Master and slave [source]
  • HC-06 – BT Slave only
  • HM-10 – BLE – The HM-10 can operate on a lower voltage at the expense of real estate.
  • HM-11 – BLE – The HM-11 has significantly less I/O exposed off the interposer PCB, including GPIO and USB [source]. See also the XBee Bluetooth blog

Which one is the right one?

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