Virtual Arduino serial comms


While working on Telemetry Viewer, see Java grapher for Arduino serial monitor, as I didn’t have a working Arduino, I wondered if I could fake some incoming serial comms so that it appeared that there was an Arduino connected which was sending sensor data.

I mean, how hard can it be? Surely using the UNIX underbelly of OS X, with a couple of redirections and pipes, it must be easy, right? Well, no, not so easy…

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Java grapher for Arduino serial monitor


Seeing as I had now got Eclipse IDE running for Java and Arduino, see Eclipse for Arduino, I decided to first tackle a simple GUI test application and then the Java Graphing application for the Arduino serial monitor, as outlined by upgrdman‘s excellent videos. These were simple enough to do.

Finally, this morphed into upgrdman‘s (way more sophisticated) TelemetryViewer, which took me three attempts and a week to get running…

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Java and NetBeans on OS X


Installing Java and the NetBeans IDE on OSX seems to take much longer than on Windows. I had just installed the Java SDK 281 and then NetBeans IDE, on Windows 10, literally in a matter of minutes. So I thought that I would try to install it on my MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.13. Bad move!!! Continue reading Java and NetBeans on OS X