Make a MacBook Pro battery


Sick of having to fork out for expensive MBP batteries? Is it possible to make one from an old exploded battery pack and some 18650 cells..?

MBPs have a huge discharge rate, so any MBP left unused for a few months will result is a dead battery, ad the MBP will actually flip a kill switch in the BMS. It is possible, however, to reverse this, and revive the battery, so long as none of the LiPo cells have not blown.

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Second hand Sony LiPo batteries


I got hold of four secondhand Sony VTC5 batteries in Talat Din Daeng for 500 baht, from the same bloke who sold me the dodgy Wismec (see Wismec RX200), with a pretty purple (yet blown) 4GB Kingston USB DT101 G2 thrown in (see Stick it up your USB).

After the initial excitement, it started to sink in that they were probably fakes. When will I ever learn?

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Is the XTAR product department confused?


XTAR… Due to my unfortunate experience with the awful charging functionality of a Wismec RX200 vaper, I was looking into getting a upgrade to my agéd yet venerable XTAR VC2 (which was able to resurrect a dead LiPo, see Reviving a dead 18650 LiPo) and I was perusing the XTAR Official Store on AliExpress. Now, while the newer products are all really rather good, there seem to be some inconsistencies between the XTAR product range and the naming.

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Reviving a dead 18650 LiPo


I had my first 18650 LiPo death recently. A single battery left in a Target Pro mod, for over six months. The mod would not charge the 18650 at all… that is to say that the charging light would show the animation of the battery charging, but no process was ever made in the state of the charge (over the space of 12 hours).

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LiPo chargers again


Following on from GhettoVaper – an extended GhettoVape III, I thought that I would add, if possible, the ability to balance charge the LIPos via a micro USB port. However, as the battery configuration is 2P, and not 2S, it may not be possible.

This time we are looking at PCB chargers, and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

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