MacBook Pro dies when Wi-Fi is turned off


I have a MacBook Pro 3,1 (2007, 17″, Santa Rosa 2.4 GHz Core Duo 2, 6 GB RAM (2×4 GB)), that dies within seconds of turning the Wi-Fi off. I have no idea as to why it does it.

It will stay up for years on end, so long as the Wi-Fi is turned on. However, turn the Wi-Fi off and the MacBook Pro will freeze and lock up pretty quickly.

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Make a MacBook Pro battery


Sick of having to fork out for expensive MBP batteries? Is it possible to make one from an old exploded battery pack and some 18650 cells..?

MBPs have a huge discharge rate, so any MBP left unused for a few months will result is a dead battery, ad the MBP will actually flip a kill switch in the BMS. It is possible, however, to reverse this, and revive the battery, so long as none of the LiPo cells have not blown.

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MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa) and a Lenovo L193 Wide


I purchase one of these for 100 baht. A bargain, although there is a missing pixel wide horizontal line. However, it has the same issues when connected to a 2010 MacBook Pro as the MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa) and a Dell E1912H.

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Java and NetBeans on OS X


Installing Java and the NetBeans IDE on OSX seems to take much longer than on Windows. I had just installed the Java SDK 281 and then NetBeans IDE, on Windows 10, literally in a matter of minutes. So I thought that I would try to install it on my MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.13. Bad move!!! Continue reading Java and NetBeans on OS X

ExpressCards on Santa Rosa MacBook Pro


My 15″ Santa Rosa (2.4 GHz) MacBook Pro is seriously limited with its two USB 2.0 ports. So I thought about:

  • Daisy chaining USB 3.0 passport disks – not possible due to them not having two USB ports (see Is there a way to daisy chain USB3 external hard drives?) and I don’t have a hub, although…
  • … one option is to use a Seagate Backup Plus hub, big (at up to 10 TB) but noisy, or at least noisier that passport external disks). Also, according to this cnet review, if the drive is plugged into a USB 2.0 port then the built-in USB 3.0 hub does not work correctly, and may not detect what is connected to it. Also the price is about the same as two “fat” 5 TB passport drives.
  • Another option is an actual USB hub, although I tried that (see Lexma) which was a powered hub and I ended up with a broken inaccessible partition. See Current draw vs current supplied below to see why, if you are going to use a hub, you need a powered USB hub and a PSU capable of delivering ~5 W/port (900 mA/port).
  • Using a Firewire to USB adapter in the (unused) Firewire port ( see Is there any usb to firewire adaptor?)
  • Adding an ExpressCard to provide more USB ports…

This article is about the latter option,  USB ExpressCards, principally the NanoTech brand…

Warning: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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