Multiple external monitors on a MacBook Pro (2007 – 2011)


Multiple monitors, shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve. After all, the 2008-2011 MBP has a mini display port and display port is meant to be able to daisy chain devices. However, apparently with Apple, you must have a non-graphics device between two monitors in the chain (this post) or both monitors at the end of the chain (this post).

So maybe there is another solution…

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Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP


I purchased off eBay a Dell 3008WFP monitor, a spare screen, control module and power supply unit, along which some spare cables and switches, for around £600 in 2012. It was working fine, although it had obviously been repaired, as the vendor was a Dell repairs department. I noticed that a hot of heat was generated from the rear top vent of the monitor when it was on. Then after a few months, one day, the monitor refused to turn on. The problem seems to be the infamous diode D22. Continue reading Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP