Retain your old home


Have you ever had to install a new version of OS X  and then wished that you still had your old home directory?

Here is the method to do that, assuming that you still have your original OS X partition/disk, and that the new version of OS X is on a separate partition/disk…

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A Pseudo Port, anyone?


Ever needed an OS X version of your favourite Windows application, but there isn’t one? I found myself in the same situation, with respect to TextPad. I remembered that I had learnt a trick, using Wine, but I had forgotten the exact steps. Luckily, I had noted down the steps in a Stack Exchange post. However that post had subsequently been deleted. I managed to retrieve it and have saved it here for posterity.

This is not about porting apps, I must confess…

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Alternatives to NI LabVIEW


I have been reading O’Reilly’s Distributed Network Data by Bradford and Allan, see the XBee blog. The final chapter introduces an interesting graphical programming environment, LabVIEW that can be used with the Arduino. However, the costs are prohibitive and the trail version only lasts 45 days. So, I was looking for a free version to run on OS X. I managed to get MyOpenLab running, after a few tweaks (see below). Continue reading Alternatives to NI LabVIEW