A follow on, bulk move, from Pocket ‘scope to deal with bench DSO is its own separate blog, rather than a small section in a blog about pocket oscilloscopes.

I had always been after a DS1052e/DS1054z, due to Dave’s EEVBlog videos, but after reading Owon SDS7102 vs Rigol DS1102E vs Rigol DS1052E Review, I realised that the Owon has more features (VGA, LAN and battery operation) as well as a better screen.

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How to reverse engineer a PCB


A colleague and I have been trying to reverse engineer a few different PCBs recently (a coin operated washing machine’s control board (see Reverse engineering the coin box) and a Bastl Trinity are a few examples) and we have been scanning them or simply photographing them, with the aim of either copying them, coming up with a schematic or coming up with a PCB mask, with mixed or limited results. Like this:

After watching EEVblog #675 – How To Reverse Engineer A Rigol DS1054Z, I saw that Dave explains a pretty good process, using a tripod mounted camera, light box and a back light.

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