Probing about


I have been looking at some probes as the probes that came with my oscilloscope are either broken or lack the hook clamp, on the end. Taking to eBay once again, I came across the following bargains…

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My first oscilloscope


I’ve been looking at for some time now, it was one of the reasons that goaded me into buying a Pi 2 in the first place. It’s a scope, logic analyser and signal generator in one. Not something I’ve determined I even need, so for now I’m holding off, plus a little on the pricey side, £100, and of limited bandwidth (10 MHz).
Ah ha! That is the blasted link that caused all this in the first place. However, it is no good for me, a pathetically narrow bandwidth. As I’ve said, it’s about 10 MHz. I was using 20 MHz ‘scopes in Tech College and University, 30 odd years ago, and at the time I had always hankered after a 50 MHz oscilloscope. So 100 MHz would be exceeding previous aspirations. Ah well, I’ll probably never use it anyway. In Thailand, I bought a 100 quid multimeter that does everything, a UNI-T UT-71D, even heats up Baked Beans for you… yet I’ve only ever done continuity tests with it! A total waste of money, when a $10 DMM would have sufficed.
So anyway, I ended up buying a rudy oscilloscope on eBay this morning, half asleep, for 60 quid!!! I didn’t want it really, but had to go to Wokingham to pick it up. However, I also ended up seeing an old friend, who I hadn’t seen for a long while, so not a totally wasted trip.
“What do I need a silly scope for?”, I hear you say… well, I’ve got heavily into Arduinos. To date, I have 3 x Nanos, 2 x Unos, a Mega, a 3v3 Mini pro and a 3v3 Micro pro (these two all linked to the Pi and Motorola Lapdock), and a Leonardo. I’ve done some stuff, written a library for a dual seven segment display and a graphic equaliser display. Totally pointless waste of two months obsession. Now I am building a spectrum analyser. I found a great oscilloscope actually this morning, but only good for up to 300Hz. I got into the Arduinos via Stack Exchange (SE). Basically, by Xmas I was so bored of Thailand and the girlfriend and drinking excessively that I decided to do something productive and educational, instead of picking fights with the local Yakuza. So, I started answering questions on SE Super User. Then I saw SE Raspberry Pi so joined that, then heard about Arduino, looked into it, opened eBay and went wild. I literally had five packages a day for two months arriving cheap from China. So, now I have a suitcase full of multimeters, Arduinos, shields and modules but no clothes.

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