Pi 400 and PoE


While it is obvious that the official PoE and PoE+ HATs can not work with the Pi 400, and that the Pi 400, while having a PoE IC on the PCB, isn’t actually PoE capable, nevertheless, there may be a (somewhat) elegant solution in the form of the Pi-Supply PoE Switch Hat

TL;DRPi 400 can not work with any PoE HAT.

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Burnt out USB charger


It’s one of those horrifically dangerous 2.5×2.5×2.5 cm mini-cube singe port 1 A USB chargers. There were scorch marks on the base of the case. The circuit was very simple, a simplified SMPS on two small PCBs… which held into the cube casing with white silicone/glue – scratch that away and it is easy to extract the pair of PCBs

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High power USB charging station


Whilst looking into the XTAR battery chargers, I came across the XTAR EU4, which offers QC3.0, 2 x USB 2.4A and USB C (PD) ports… and although the QC and PD capability is a bit limited, it’s not by much (i.e. QC 3.0 does not have 20V capability, and PD current is limited to 20V 2.25A (45W))…

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Is the XTAR product department confused?


XTAR… Due to my unfortunate experience with the awful charging functionality of a Wismec RX200 vaper, I was looking into getting a upgrade to my agéd yet venerable XTAR VC2 (which was able to resurrect a dead LiPo, see Reviving a dead 18650 LiPo) and I was perusing the XTAR Official Store on AliExpress. Now, while the newer products are all really rather good, there seem to be some inconsistencies between the XTAR product range and the naming.

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