Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250


I got hold of a clone of the ZMR250 and this is my build log. See also Drone kit -ZMR 250. See also Drone kit -Building a Tarot Mini 250 (TL250A).

Please note that this is an on-going blog, and things will change from day to day, as extra information is added, and errors are retrospectively corrected. Please bear that in mind, when reading this – This is not a finished blog, as yet, by any means. Continue reading Drone kit -Building a ZMR 250

Tian Xiang helicopter – 9009 RC Aeronef


From Din Daeng market I found a  TX9000 RC helicopter – 60 Baht the helicopter, 20 Baht for the controller. It was missing the charger and a blade is cracked. Two days later I went back and managed to get the correct charger (4V, 650mA) for 10 baht. I also obtained a second broken helicopter for parts, a week later. Continue reading Tian Xiang helicopter – 9009 RC Aeronef

Using XBee 868 as R/C


After having second thoughts about whether a XBee 868 is suitable for a RC, seeing as it is dubious if it is suitable for video transmission, see XBee and video streaming, I thought that it would be wise to check to see if they are appropriate for R/C control. This search surprisingly throw up some issues with the XBees devices, namely:

  • groundplane issues and;
  • packet freeze and the need to reset (due to a 10% duty cycle).

See also RC Transmitters – DIY – XBee Continue reading Using XBee 868 as R/C