Swapping a freehub for a cassette hub


Leading on from 7 speed dilemas, I decided to swap the hubs myself and finally get around to learning how to build a wheel. Basically I’ll be taking out the freehub from a new cheap Chinese wheel and swapping it with a Shimano FH-RM50… However, nothing is as simple as it seems… especially when the Chinese rim and lacing differs considerably (and confusingly) from that described by Sheldon Brown….

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You can’t recycle coloured plastics

… at least not in Thailand.

The other day, I took  a sack of plastic bottles to the local recycling place and was took that Shampoo bottles are no good and neither are coloured drinks bottles, for example, green plastic lemonade/sprite bottles, and purple plastic bottles used by Oishi for their new grape flavoured drink.

Only the clear (“Mai Mee See”) plastic bottles were any use to the recyclers, i.e. water bottles, Oishi green tea bottle, Listerine bottles, etc.

Now, this may already be obvious to some people, however, I had sort of assumed that some sort of bleaching process was applied to the plastic at some point in the recycling process. Obviously, this is not the case.