Reverse engineering the coin box


Tenuously following on from Laundry in Thailand, the coin operating box often suffers problems, namely the coin slot and the control PCB. The former suffers from failure to register a coin. The latter sometimes fails to start the washing machine.

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Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP


I purchased off eBay a Dell 3008WFP monitor, a spare screen, control module and power supply unit, along which some spare cables and switches, for around £600 in 2012. It was working fine, although it had obviously been repaired, as the vendor was a Dell repairs department. I noticed that a hot of heat was generated from the rear top vent of the monitor when it was on. Then after a few months, one day, the monitor refused to turn on. The problem seems to be the infamous diode D22. Continue reading Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP