Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP


I purchased off eBay a Dell 3008WFP monitor, a spare screen, control module and power supply unit, along which some spare cables and switches, for around £600 in 2012. It was working fine, although it had obviously been repaired, as the vendor was a Dell repairs department. I noticed that a hot of heat was generated from the rear top vent of the monitor when it was on. Then after a few months, one day, the monitor refused to turn on. The problem seems to be the infamous diode D22. Continue reading Repairing a dead Dell 3008WFP

Just not chilling


My fridge has broken. Only just realised. I think it has been broken ever since I came back. I came back home from Thailand recently, and for about a month I was wondering why my food was going off, the margarine just turned to water (literally), all the meat went off very quickly, beers didn’t chill, milk curdled and the cheese absolutely stank. The light came on, when I opened the door, and the warning LEDs where all green, so I assumed that it was working. Then I thought to myself that I hadn’t heard the traditionally noisy compressor turning on and off for weeks. Oh well! More expense! 😦 To be fair, it was 40 years old, I just about remember the one before this one. It was one of those with a lock on the front that used to trap children inside discarded ones and suffocate them. I remember public safety adverts about them, when I was very very young.

It was a very good fridge, a Scandinova LF111D, which I had been repairing here and there, not a lot, but had kept it going: a new handle, fixing the light shroud, replacing broken glass shelves. So reluctantly, I started to look for a new fridge on google, and then thought, well let’s test it first. After all, I have a new digital multimeter, as well as the oscilloscope that I had very recently purchased. Plus, if I can reverse engineer a Z80 UART using ASICs, then surely I can repair a god damn ‘fridge..!

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