Pi 400 and PoE


While it is obvious that the official PoE and PoE+ HATs can not work with the Pi 400, and that the Pi 400, while having a PoE IC on the PCB, isn’t actually PoE capable, nevertheless, there may be a (somewhat) elegant solution in the form of the Pi-Supply PoE Switch Hat

TL;DRPi 400 can not work with any PoE HAT.

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Setting up a Pi Zero W streaming camera on OS X


Trying to set up a Pi Zero W streaming camera on OS X should be a relative easy task, no? Think again. Just getting the OS installed correctly for a local log-in via SSH, over a USB connection is bad enough.

Top tip: Have a reliable SD card reader…
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Netbooting RPi – booting worker nodes from master node


After reading Building Linux Clusters by David H. M. Spector, I am looking for a method to bootstrap slave/compute/worker nodes, across a network, in a Pi/Linux cluster. This process uses old-skool boot floppies on the slave/compute/worker nodes to contact the master node and then bootstrap from images held on the same master node, across the network – thereby centralising the boot images/process.

After searching I haven’t found one that jumps out from a Google search [Ed. – maybe you should have searched more carefully?]. The only thing that I can think of, that is remotely similar, is a video of Jeff Geerling’s that showed a new Pi using a beta functionality called “Network Install”, with the Pi downloading an image from a remote Raspberry OS image server – effectively booting across a network.

Can this functionality be adapted to boot (i.e. download a boot image) from a local repository/server on the master node of a cluster?

Answer: Yes, of course you can… it is blindingly obvious (if you’ve had enough sleep)…

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