Useful Arduino Shields – Shield Management


Following on the Arduino blogs, which began with My Arduino Babies, here is a brief write up about some useful shields which whilst they do not specifically offer any new functions or interfaces for the real world, they deal with Shield Management. These useful shields can solve some of those headaches that one can sometimes encounter in Arduino projects.

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My Arduino Babies


How did I get into Arduino? That is a good question, and one whose answer will entail the discovery of Stack Exchange, Super User, just before Xmas 2014. I think I was just looking for an answer to a Wi-Fi issue that I was having with a Mac. That then led on to me exploring the SE network, and finding SE Raspberry Pi, with with I was already familiar, having heard about it in the British press (i.e. BBC News). Then there was a question asking something along the lines of “What should I get – an Arduino or a Pi?” I had never heard of Arduino and so did a bit of googling, at bit of researching, and then a lot more googling and researching, and realised that this was something that I wanted to get into.

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