Hotend cleaning tools


These are basically drill bits, with a handle.

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Non-contact thermometers


I’m not really sure what I would need one of these for, but apart from being a bit of fun, they could come in very useful for measuring the temperature of Solar Panels on a hot day, as the hotter a panel becomes, the less efficient it becomes. Continue reading Non-contact thermometers

Bench hardware


After my recent purchase of an oscilloscope, I realised that I was also in the market for a bench power supply and a signal generator.

  • The power supply should produce 0-15V @ 2A, but 30 V @ 5A would be good.
  • Signal generator 5 MHZ, 5Vp-p (40 MHz, 10Vp-p), can make one using Arduino, but a bench boxed model would be nice
  • Frequency Counter – I have one in my DMM, so not absolutely necessary, but a nice to have.

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