RC Transmitters – DIY


Whilst looking into RC Transmitters, I realised that there are a lot of DIY projects out there, which, as well as being substantially cheaper than a commercial RC transmitter, are also rather educational and fun projects. Some are more complex than others, with some covering the entire RC system, while others, employing commercial Tx and Rx modules (i.e. FrSky DJT and D8R-II plus), just cover the transmitter controls and interpretation of the received signals. Continue reading RC Transmitters – DIY

RC Transmitters


I need to buy an RC transmitter and know nothing about them. All I know is that I want a fairly good one, budget, versatile and which can be used with drones, planes, boats and robots/crawlers.

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The newer systems transmit at 2.4GHz, while the older (analogue) style transmitted in the MHz ranges (72 MHz (for airplanes),  27 MHz &  75 MHz (for cars and boats and some planes)  [see RC airplane frequencies], as well as some other ranges (40, 35MHz (in the UK), 459MHz). Continue reading RC Transmitters