Bicycle rims and tyre widths


A friend of mine was wondering whether they could put narrower tyres on their racer’s rims, in order to gain a speed advantage. Conversely, I was wondering if I could put fatter tyres on my racer’s rims in order to stop falling into cracks in the roads of Bangkok.

Whilst I am sure that I have written about this before, I can’t find the article so I may be repeating myself here…

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Bike Tyre Fitters and Prices


If you have your own tyres and just need them fitted, then below are a range of prices in the South East.  Many places will not do bikes, for safety concerns, i.e. taking the wheels off and replacing them, and the wheel nut torque settings etc., although some are happy if you can remove the wheels yourself and just take the rims in. Also, not everywhere is equipped to balance bike wheels.

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