Wismec RX200


I had always steered clear of Wismec (apart from one tank (the Theorem) that they made with an acclaimed “long lasting” foil coil – although even that died after a week’s abuse), but I came across an RX200 in Talat Din Daeng for 100 baht. After checking it with three charged 18650s and proving that it worked and fired, I bought it. Hmmm…

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Smok Alien 220W – Not charging


Oh no! Yet another Smok Alien 220W problem..?!

On top of the other three issues that have had with Smok Alien 220W in the past (“No coil”, “Ohm too low” and simply refusing to boot), I have just started to notice another problem with one of my Smok Aliens. It will not charge the 18650 LiPos correctly. When the USB cable is plugged in, the bars on the main screen start to move, in the charging animation, but after a while, 5-10 seconds, the usual charging screen flashes up, but then quickly (<0.5 seconds) flashes back to the main screen again, still with the batteries charging animation. Again, wait 5-10 seconds and then the charging screen flashes, and so on.

If left charging, then the batteries actually discharge completely..!

It used to work fine, but then this issue appeared maybe a week or so ago…

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Sticky Fire Button – Vaporesso Target Pro


Finally, a success story..! I had acquired a Vaporesso Target Pro as part of a vape bundle (along with a couple of Crown tanks and an Alien 220W and maybe some other stuff). It is a very nice, single 18650 cell, mod. I started using it exclusively, and for a while it was my favourite mod – small in the hand, not bulky, and powerful for its size. OK, it can tend to over balance and fall over if you don’t set it down carefully and slowly, and yes, it looks like a gun handle or joystick for a home computer from the late 1980’s, but overall it is a nice little mod.

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Smok Alien 220W – No coil


I bought a brand new (possibly a clone), worked for two weeks and then “No coil” errors started appearing, or more annoyingly, it would ask me whether a new coil had been connected (yes/no). It would do this every time I tried to vape and hit the fire bar. This error would come and go, and then finally,  nothing would make it see the coil. In addition it would not balance charge the batteries correctly, either that or the reporting/measurement was wrong, and the tank leaks like a sieve.

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Smok Alien – Ohm too low


I’ve had my mod (Smok Alien 220W) for a year and it was fine, then suddenly, during one vape session, mid vape it stopped and I got the Ohm too low message. I tried removing the tank, still got the Ohm too low message, instead of No coil message. Rebooted (i.e. power down, batteries out and in, and power on), still the same Ohm too low message.

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Breakin’ Vape


So, a mate of mine, nameless, told me this story:

Was at a wedding last night, a bit hammered, and saw a geezer vaping so asked if I could have a quick go. The vape juice he was using was very nice indeed. It was 6mg nicotine and he’d got it set quite hot, so it was a bit harsh for me, but it still tasted lovely. It was called Heisenberg – have you heard of it?

So, off I went down a google tunnel, and this is the tale of woe…

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