Wilson II print times


Following on from Building a Wilson II in Bangkok and the somewhat crazy prices for locally sourced printed parts, after finding out that a neighbour has a 3D printer, I decided to have another attempt at printing the parts for the Wilson 2.

If print time is charged at 1 baht/minute then how much would it cost to print a Wilson II 3D printer? Or more precisely, how long would it take to print all of the required parts?

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Wilson II construction videos


I was looking into building the Wilson RepRap. This thread, RepRap “Wilson” (Prusa I3 variant), mentioned that Marty Rice (the author of the Wilson RepRap) has produced some great video tutorials of the build process. I, then, assembled them on to one page. These videos, specifically, are for the Wilson II.

An E3D Lite hotend is used with a MK7 direct extruder.

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