Solar Panels – Aurem


Contact Details

17 Merton Road
RG21 5UA, Basingstoke

0845 465 7988 / 01256 814666

I found these people on Compare My Solar – Compare 19 solar panel prices from 7 installers around Burgess-Hill. I phoned on a Saturday morning, I called and leave a voice mail. I didn’t hear anything back for a few days.

They got back to me on Monday. I informed them that I had already accepted a quote. The chap promised to send me a quote regardless, which I received that evening. £6725 including VAT, for 14 x LG Neo 285W Smart Modules and the usual SolarEdge optimisers and inverter. A very good price, however, no energy switching, and OWL type monitor was included. An optional iBoost was available for £300 including VAT.

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