RC Transmitters – Turnigy 9XR Pro – First Use


I had recently purchased a Turnigy 9XR Pro and intended to use it with a LiFePo4 battery and a XJT transmitter module.

When I first used my 9XR Pro, I immediately encountered some issues, which could be put down to inexperience. Hopefully the documentation of these issues will help other new users.


  1. If you are using a LiFePo4 battery, set the battery voltage alarm to 9.3 V or 9.4 V, otherwise the alarm will flash immediately, as the LiFePo battery has different voltage characteristics to that of a LiPo (3.3 V/cell vs 3.7 V/cell). See Which LiPo battery is suitable to Turnigy 9xr PRO? – post 4
  2. Connect the antenna to the XJT module else the alarm of the XJT will beep insistently.
  3. XJT antenna would not fit

Battery Voltage Alarm

From page 11 of the manual of the Turnigy 9XR Pro:

General Settings
From the main screen pressing [LEFT LONG] will enter the general settings menus. Here you can
set up settings that will be the same regardless of chosen model.
The menus are as follows:
• Radio Setup
• Trainer settings and PPM In Calibration
• Diagnostics
• Analog Inputs
• Calibration


XJT module antenna alarm

The XJT module will beep constantly until an antenna is connected to it.

XJT antenna would not fit

The antenna could not be screwed on to the XJT, when the XJT module was in situ, as the base of the antenna was obstructed by the rear of the case. An antenna extension cable was required, which left the antenna dangling. The antenna had to be mounted on the handle, like so:

Antenna mounted on 9XR Pro
Antenna mounted on 9XR Pro

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