This blog lists the various Power Distribution boards available for RC drones (quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, etc.).

See also Drone kit – ZMR250 PDBs.


A Power Distribution Board (PDB) is a useful item, which is basically a PCB that can distribute power to the ESCs. More complex PDBs can also distribute power to other components, such as LEDs, FPV cameras, as well as signals from flight controllers. These more complex types can also be integrated into the drone’s main body plate. PDBs will also have a maximum current rating, so be sure to choose one that matches firstly the maximum combined current drawn by your ESCs, and secondly, the combined current drawn by your other peripherals.

Various PDBs

There is this, APM 3 in 1 Voltage Current Sensor BEC Connection Power Distribution Board for £15, which seems to support up to 8 motors (octocopter)

Voltage and current Sensor/BEC/PDBq
Voltage and current Sensor/BEC/PDB


  1. Using imported KEMET Tantalum electric capacity to reduce ripple and interference for flight controller
  2. 5.3V voltage for flight control board
  3. Two-way 12V output for photography transmission and Gimbal (Supporting 4-6S)
  4. Available to detect the output current and remain voltage, both of them can be displayed on OSD screen and radio control.

Hexacopter Power Distribution Boards

Gryphon Hexacopter Power Distribution Board GPD-1000HXP, £44.99 + £1.50


Octocopter Power Distribution Boards

300 Amp Octocopter Power Distribution Board, £24.90

Octocopter PDB
Octocopter PDB

MultiRotor multicopter ESC Power Distribution Board DIY 8 output Octocopter US, £6.11 + £12.03


DYS Power Distribution Board 320A Up to 8 ESC for Octocopter OCTO Multicopter, £14.06

Octo PDB
Octo PDB

MultiRotor Hungry 200amp Power Distribution Board 8 Octocopter multicopter ESC, £15.66 + £12.28


DIY Octocopter Power Distribution Board and Dual UBEC – Quadcopter – UK Stock, £19.90

Dual UBEC and PDB
Dual UBEC and PDB

Gryphon Dynamics Octocopter Power distribution Board & BEC Board, £67.42 + £6.83

Octo PDB and BEC
Octo PDB and BEC

RC OctoCopter Power Distribution Board KK & HK Tri Heli XT60 3.5mm Bullet ESC UK, £6.99, or RC QUADCOPTER OCTOCOPTER POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARDS PCB WITH XT60 2mm 3.5mm, £5.75

PDB with bullets
PDB with bullets

Octocopter Frame Centerplate Frame Pipe-clamp Quadro-Copter Drone CFK Carbon CNC Octo Y-6, £123

Octocopter Main Hub
Octocopter Main Hub

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